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How To Rank Your Business On The 1st Page Of Google In 24 Hours Without Paid Ads.

How To Rank Your Business On The 1st Page Of Google In 24 Hours Without Paid Ads.

Top money funnels, built on either Groove or Kartra, combined with YouTube Video Marketing, can help you rank your business fast on the first page of Google search results, and also in YouTube...Are you using these well kept secrets in your marketing campaigns yet?

how to rank youtube videos on top of google fast

Why Spend A Small Fortune With Facebook & Google When You Can Easily Clean Up With What Are Essentially FREE, Highly Targeted, Ads?

Find ou how Paul Murphy, and all his students, are able to rank on first page of both Google and YouTube, even for extremely competitive products, within 24 hrs. How they are able to generate commissions from any affiliate product, within 24 hrs of listing an item, with absolutely zero ad spend.

Paul teaches you how you can too! How you do not even need any financial budget, complicated software, content rich websites, tech skills, prior knowledge or a product of your own.

Plus why paid advertising is flawed, time consuming and very expensive.

Any Business Can Apply These Tactics, it's Not Just For Affiliates!

The 24 Hour Ranking System is part of a very comprehensive training program titled Affiliate Tube Success, but don't be fooled into beleiving that these tactics are just for affiliates. ANY BUSINESS, online or Main Street that requires a steady flow of new customers, needs to be where those potential customers can find them. That means that YOUR BUSINESS has to be postioned on the front page of Google and ranking videos on YouTube

Nothing tells and sells like video. For marketing your products, and offering valuable content to your customers, video is a must-have, and YouTube is the daddy of all the video hosting platforms

Structured with in depth, no fluff, videos in more than 5 modules for easy reference. For a full overview of the FREE 24 Hour Ranking System click here.

Don't Have The Time To Do This Yourself?

Save time and get the full system outsourced. Included in the ATS Academy is a comprehensive Outsourcing Training complete with Standard Operating Proceedures (SOP). Hand over this unbranded training videos & resources package to your outsource person or team and get them to scale your results at speed.  

Don't Take My Word For It... Ask Todd Temaat, Affiilate Marketer

"Paul is dedicated to growing his clients business and goes above and beyond as he only works with a small amount of clients at once. Within the first two weeks of working with Paul I was able to get 72 page one listings and 17 top listings on the first page of Google & YouTube."

Who is Paul Murphy?

Twenty years ago Paul Murphy was a insurance salesman who started dabbling with building websites Then web pages were built using microsoft frontpage. In those days it was fairly easy to rank websites with Google, and he got quite proficient at it. Following on from an unsuccessful busines venture Paul stumbled upon affiliate marketing. He was building websites in multiple niches, ranking them and getting traffic, then selling them on to established businesses needing traffic.

Paul was very successful for a few years but then lost everything to a Google algorithm update, as many did at that time! To this day many experienced marketers won't touch Google after having been "Slapped" by Panda style updates when Google was clearing out all the people gaming the system. Once bitten, twice shy!

He developed the 24 hour ranking system in 2017 when he noticed that Google was displaying carousels on the first page. Nobody else was marketing on Google after all the Google Slaps and so he had this market almost to himself.

Paul developed his system over the next 3 years and in 2020 earned a Clickfunnels Two Comma Club Award, after making over $1M in just 4 months. He is the top affiliate for many of the affiliate programs he promotes in the internet marketing industry. He has outranked Russel Brunson for a Clickfunnels product, and Mike Filsaime for Groove

He is now sharing the same system with you that he uses daily to remain as a top affiliate for some of the most competative products in the industry. So you're being taught by someone who "Walks the Walk" not just "Talks the Talk", as many internet marketing "Guru's" do!

FREE 24 Hour Ranking System Step By Step Video Training

Paul's free training will save you hundreds of thousands on ad spend for years to come so I though you might like to check it out since it's free, (for now, anyway). He was charging $997 for this course, and was probably worth every red cent! You will have access to the course for life, so you can watch it again and again. Access the course from your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Computer.

Click Here, or on the image below for a detailed overview of the Ground Breaking 24 Hour Ranking System.

ground breaking 24Hour ranking system

Teach Me How To Get In The Top Of Google Search For FREE